SURFACE & COLLOID CHEMISTRY--Applications & Principles--2009 

xxxxxxxxxxx S U R F A C E


C O L L O I D  C H E M I S T R Y


xxPRINCIPLES & APPLICATIONSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx K. S. B I R D I xxxxxxxxxxx
Hardcover: 228 pages
Publisher: CRC Press; (2009)
ISBN-13: 978-1420095036 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




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Grounded in real applications, this volume provides an introduction to the fundamentals and
applications of surface and colloid chemistry. Presenting an overview of liquid surfaces, the
book also describes the liquid – solid interface phenomena, colloid chemistry systems, emulsion
science aspects, and more complex issues. Data from real-world examples are provided to encourage
comprehension of both fundamental theory and the ever-increasing industrial applications. To
comprehend the material, readers need only a basic background in general chemistry or physics. Key
sample questions and answers are included and references are provided for more advanced students and
scientists from other fields.

Surface and colloid chemistry principles impact many aspects of our daily lives, ranging from
the cleaners and cosmetics we use to combustion engines and cement. Exploring the range of this
field of study, Surface and Colloid Chemistry provides a detailed analysis of its principles and a
pplications and demonstrates how they relate to natural phenomena and industrial processes.
Surface and colloid chemistry at work in nature and industry:

rain drops
combustion engines
soap bubbles
food products
air pollution
waste-water treatment
washing and cleaning
painting and printing
oil and gas production
oil spills
plastics and polymers
biology and pharmaceuticals
milk products


The book begins with an introduction to surfaces and colloids. It describes basic considerations
regarding liquids and capillarity, and examines the liquid-solid interface phenomena. It explores
the physicochemical properties of surfactants, Langmuir-Blodgett films, adsorption on solid
surfaces, and adsorption as it relates to cleaning processes. Then the author examines colloidal
systems and thin liquid films before moving on to emulsion science and technology. The final
chapter provides examples of applications in science and a range of industries.

Examples and Illustrations

Integrating real-world examples throughout the text, this volume stimulates readers to consider
both fundamental theory and industrial applications. More than 100 figures elucidate the concepts
described in the text. Sample questions and answers are provided where appropriate, along with detailed
data and discussions. Pertinent references are offered to facilitate further study.

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